Frequently Asked Questions

1) Where / How did you acquire used cars?
  • Carmax is the trade-in / used car business unit of LANI, Lica Auto Nation, Inc., one of the largest car dealership and services groups in the country. We mainly acquire units from the clients of our affiliated dealerships who are in the market to upgrade their existing car to either brand-new or to newer used model.
2) How do I view the actual units?
  • Aside from viewing in our website, you may visit our showroom in any of ourbranches.
3) Can I test-drive the car/s?
  • Yes, test-drive is being offered within a specific route.
4) Can you bring the car I am interested in at my home or office?
  • Yes, we can schedule vehicle demonstration within Metro Manila or selected locales only. Please call for availability.
5) I want to sell or trade-in my car. How can I have my car appraised?
  • If you are unable to come to us, you can call and provide us with the complete details of your car such as: Year model, Make, Type/Variant, Kilometer reading, Transmission, Color. We will give you an estimate appraisal value for the meantime. The final Appraisal Value will be given once the actual unit is brought to us or we can go to your home/office to inspect / appraise your car (within Metro Manila and selected locales only).
6) How do I pay for the car I want?
  • There are several modes of payment:
  • Cash
  • Manager’s Check or Personal Check, subject to clearing
  • Bank Financing (In-house)
  • Bank Purchase Order
  • Credit Card (with corresponding surcharge)
  • Trade-In
7) For financing, what are the schemes?
  • We have partnered with the largest banks and financing institutions and can arrange attractive and flexible car financing for you. The scheme depends on the age of the vehicle. Typically, the older the car, the higher the down-payment required, the shorter the term. Computation can be provided upon request.
8) Are the cars in good condition?
  • We guarantee the cars we sell are in good running condition. We inspect the cars during the trade-in process before we accept them. We recondition the cars once acquired.
9) Do you give a warranty?
  • Carmax provides warranty only on selected units with “Blue Tags”. Regular units are sold in “AS IS WHERE IS” basis. Carmax also sells extended warranties, available on many of our vehicles.
10) What is your 3-Day Money Back Guarantee?
  • Carmax provides a worry-free car buying experience, and will guarantees to refund your purchase price within 3 days of the sale, charging a minimal restocking fee, if not completely satisfied with your purchase.


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